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Title THE VOICE DONOR2.0 Company Publicis Shanghai
Category Chinese Brilliance - Mobile
Subcategory Online – Single
Creative Concept Background : Wechat is biggest social and instant messenger in the world, with 600 million users and 12 hours of daily usage; how can we leverage the resource to influence the society in a positive way? In our investigation, consumers stick on this APP through voice messages upon waiting for public transportations, during afternoon break, dining, and many other fragmented time. “Voice” is an invaluable asset of Wechat. Who will need voice? We discovered that China has 12.63 million blinds and more illiterates but very little audio publication to aid them. We love to leverage the fragmented time of audience to solve the social issues. Based on this idea, “the voice donor” platform was built on WeChat. Everyone can easily donate their voice to make voice books; the challenge is to make it simple, fun, and co-create for WeChat users – meaningful, yet easy to participate.
Solution: In the bookshop’s New Arrivals stand, We’ll set all the pages empty book, and there is a QR code in the back cover, inviting people to donate voice .We also set QR-codes under the couches in blind massage parlors . Guests will inevitably receive an invitation to be voice donors. Each donor can go on WeChat and invite more friends to be voice donors. Simply connect to The Voice Donor account, and read words the system sends in 1 minute, we’ll collect the voice files and produce mobile audio book, enabling the blind to hear by Wechat.
Result: 1. Social media viewership reaches 210 millions, and independent visitors over 600,000 times. Currently, WeChat consistently receive 2500,000 voice donations, and already finish 112 voice books. 2. More than 21 celebrities volunteer to lead the voice donation. Echoed by more than 50 celebrities.(Data source: 1.Wechat“the voice donor2.0” penetration report (from client),May. 2015 3. Main stream media, including CCTV, major Newspapers, and internet news all reported positively.(Data source: CSM Media Research“ The Voice of China” report,3. 2015) 4. On May 2015, Wechat launched Team reading function.Accompanied with organizations such as NUDP, Tencent Charity Utility, CDPF, National Library, China CITIC Press, Phoenix TV, Nanfang Media Group and China Vanke Co.,Ltd, assembled the social effort of the publishing circle, the charity circle, the international NGO circle and the business circle, we created more and more audio book for the blinds by the power of team. 5. On June 2015, the new audio books are listed in the collection of National Library of the United Nations. 6. It also makes WeChat from an popular APP to an APP people will be proud to use.
Creative Director: Sheena Zheng/Akae Wang/Yolanda Zheng
Copy: Yolanda Zheng
Art Director: Rocky Huang
Client Service: Manly Zheng/Eming Zou
Agency Producer: Bendit Li
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