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Category Brand Entertainment Awards
Subcategory Experience of Entertainment Promotion—Single
Creative Concept Background : Most of Taiwan people know that Lay‘s are the 1st delicious potato chips, but half of them like Lay’s so much but RESIST to eat them more often. Health and price issues are the reasons. We need to show the extreme IRRESISTIBILITY of Lay's to gain more frequency or loyalty of use. We can made Lay's FANATICS prove the extreme IRRESISTIBILITY of Lay's, and show it to others who like Lay's but RESIST to eat them more often. For example, Taiwan people can't resist delicacy if they see many others waiting in line for it. The action of Lay's fanatics can generate measurable shares on social network and amazing frequency of use.
Solution: How did Lay‘s prove they are the most irresistible chips in Taiwan? The method is to challenge Taiwanese's nature of SHYNESS. To let people desire Lay's so much that they don't mind to lose face. Lay's presented 'THE HUMAN CLAW MACHINE!' Many people are mad about claw machines in Taiwan. Therefore, Lay's invited a champion to start discussion on social network that caused people to share crazy idea to claw more Lay's from the machine.
Result: Over 5,000 Lay's were clawed away in Taiwan, but 470,000 likes and 528,000 shares were made all over the world. Sales grew up 30%. Last but not least, over 30,445,000 views on the internet which broke the record of NON-MEDIA-BUYING campaign in Taiwan.
Creative Director: I-Fei Chang/ TC Chen
Copy: Miki Chang/TC Chen
Art Director: Krista Hsieh/Arc Chou
Client Service: Kevin Yeh/Jimmy Chu/Jessica Hsieh/Edward Lin
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